URGENT Tree Canopy Loss and Sidewalk Repair

CPW Friends and Neighbors

I just learned today that tomorrow, June 8th, there will be sidewalk repair along the west side of 6th St from Mytrle to 1150 S. 6th. Along with the repair the city will be REMOVING four large mature trees irrevocably changing the character of the area.

I got involved with CPW when trees were downed in Ormsby Court without notice. Since then, the character of the court has forever been altered and the cost to cool my home in the summer increased almost $100 per month. I believe in not only the power of trees to help our air quality and help shade our homes, but also in their intrinsic value to the nature of our historic neighborhood.

When Herb Fink called me today about this, I called Metro Works. The have the practice of notifying residents adjacent to the work project area via mail about sidewalk repairs, but only give 24 hour notice about tree removals. The guy I spoke to said he was going to be hand delivering notices this afternoon.

This strikes me as a bait and switch mentality on the part of the city and I am outraged that we had no comment period or wide public notice about this in order to make our opinions known. No one will argue that the sidewalks need to be repaired in this area, but the loss of mature trees from the ever dwindling tree canopy of this city make me ill.

If you find this state of affairs unacceptable as I do, PLEASE email or call Metro Works and let them know. Below is the email for the director of Metro Public Works:


I don’t know if there is a way to save these four trees, but maybe we can prevent loosing more canopy in Old Louisville.

Thank you all,