CPW Preservation and Improvement Planning

CPW needs your help!
We are working to redefine the direction of CPW for the future, a process that began last year with a group idea-generating workshop held at the Old Louisville Brewery.  The goal is has been to formulate a resident-generated road map for our organization to follow that will direct the efforts of CPW to create positive impact for our community.
Now, what we need help with is developing a specific and long-term improvement and preservation project plan.
This plan would be for the next 5 to 10 years, and prioritize the large scale improvement projects we would like to see done in the neighborhood.  Think back to projects like the paving of Floral Terrace and the restoration of the Ormsby Court gates – These are the types of projects we’re looking for.  We have loads of good ideas on the books from residents already, but we need some guidance creating the plan itself.
Once we have a plan, CPW can begin focusing fundraising efforts, seek grants, and start impacting the neighborhood in a real big way.
If you are interested in giving a little of your time, energy and brainpower to such a planning effort, please email me (CPWPresident@gmail.com) and let me know.
Thanks as always,
Matt W
El Prez