Olmsted Parks

CPW Friends and Residents

Many of you have probably seen some news regarding the Olmsted Parks Conservancy’s plans for new barriers free playground and splash pad in Central Park.  Last year, Louisville Metro Council passed an appropriation of $400,000 toward that goal. Layla George, President of the Olmsted Parks Conservancy, is leading the fundraising effort to match those funds through foundation grants and other sources. She is also seeking about $10,000 from the Old Louisville community.

CPW will not be donating as an organization (since we did so little fundraising since the start of the COVID pandemic), but we will collect any donations you might want to make for this cause, and pass along the funds directly to the Olmsted Parks Conservancy.  

Donations can be made on our webstore at the link below:


If you have any questions or concerns please email us and let us know.  Also, if you’d like to make a donation but would rather not use the webstore, please contact us and we’ll make other arrangements with you.

Thanks again – CPW Board