Neighborhood Superstar


Peggy Muller

Meet Peggy :

Vivacious, tenacious and audacious Peggy is a University Course Designer and Old Louisville resident of nearly 20 years!

She's lived in California, Hawaii, Florida, New York, Virginia, and Georgia, but happily calls Kentucky home.

She's inspired by acts of everyday bravery, seeing people who despite their fears change their lives to reach their goals. Kind words and pleasant surprises give her joy, and she once finished two bottles of wine without using a glass.

She thinks cats must dream of eating human eyeballs, and still thinks if she were to be an animal she'd like to be one.

A one-time go-go dancer, she thinks herself to be extremely lucky; having been blessed with great friends who make her laugh, often at her own self.

While she takes exception at teenager selfies on Facebook, she still spends time online working and playing Yahtzee with friends.