Neighborhood Superstars

Friends and Neighbors

While most of us find ourselves at home during this period of social distancing, I know finding amusement and distraction is difficult.  Netflix binge watching and walking the dog twenty times daily, still leave plenty of open hours to fill.
So to give us all something new to do, let’s use this time to better get to know each other better!  CPW is going to launch a new recurring series of Neighborhood Superstar posts for the website.  The idea is to present funny and lighthearted interviews with CPW residents that will give us all either an introduction to a new neighbor or offer new insights into old friendships.
Please take some time, sit down with someone in your home and ask them questions.  Find out new things about someone you think you already know very well.  Write up the answers and send them back to us with a picture of the interviewee, and we’ll put them up on the CPW website to share!  (Only email us, don’t reply all so everyone can be surprised.)
In an email, a selection of questions have been sent to get you started, but don’t limit your imagination to just these.  Keep it silly and let all have some fun with it!
CPW will only publish articles using first names, and will not publish any personal details.  Any information deemed too private or potentially sensitive will not be used.
Looking forward to hearing from all of you soon!
Matt Wilson,